Eureka Town Coucil
September 13th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

0:00 Pledge

:28 Road Plan Draft

2:33 loss of revenue with lack of Canadians

3:26 CBDG grant requires this report. Copies available. Overseen by our engineer.

4:18 once the growth plan is approved, you need this to get any federal or state money, and it’s good for 15 years before it needs to be renewed. This one was geared for Eureka rather than being a footnote on Lincoln county’s.

5:55 If you live outside the town of Eureka, you talk to the county, not the town council

6:44 Public comment- none

7:01- Reading of previous meeting minutes. Motion to approve- unanimous

7:47 Motion to pay bills, unanimous

8:08 Waste Water 1B- Hot patching potholes. Waiting for chip seal prices on proposed locations. It won’t happen till spring. Probably do out of gas tax money.

10:48 Growth policy- motion to approve draft- unanimous

11:53 6th street repair request is being sent for council review; we will receive it soon. Probably bid for late winter.

13:05 Ordinance 21-331, Public Safety fire restrictions. Motion to accept- unanimous.

14:11 ARPA funding due by 2023- we’ll work on that when we get the numbers. They haven’t said what the match needs to be. They discussed the numbers. Object: Removing asbestos concrete.

16:18 Eureka should have official representation on 20th at 9:00 in Libby meeting. The meeting is about community development. We have trouble attracting even light industry because of the condition of our streets.

Board- I don’t think they’re covering streets at that meeting.

18:22- deciding who will go to the meeting

19:30 We need to get more involved in advocating for Eureka when the county is doing projects

19:53 – New Business

20:20 – Scott- I want to rent a 15 x 15-foot piece of land by the water tank. I want to build a tower for wireless internet here in Eureka, making a different service available. It will give faster speeds. Costs comparable or less than interbel. $49 per month lowest package. I’ve already built towers in Kalispell and Whitefish. The coverage area map is given to Council.

25:28- There will be no interference with the water tank. The town owns the property.

26:38- Not sure if we can give easement, Must talk to the attorney. Discussed possible rent options for the bit of land. Discussed the shape and coverage area of antennae.

29:54 Competition is a good idea for prices. Motion to bring a plan forward before the next meeting.- unanimous.

31:08- Homecoming Parade- 1 PM on 24th. Route given. The insurance certificate is on file. Move to approve- unanimous

32:13 Quilt Show 2022- location is given- Same as before- motion to approve- Unanimous

33:29 Council Comments- Public complaints about potholes

34:10- complaints about speeding cars in town. Thanks to a VFW donation, a “you are going this fast” sign is being mounted in a trailer.

35:20 a lot of cars on corners and overhanging trees. No clear line of sight at intersections. And speeding on 10th, stop signs are being ignored. High School students with big trucks have heavy feet. And we’re down to 2 officers for the next three months. We’re taking note of locations, and we’ll start sending letters to trim back trees and bushes.

37:59- recording ended before the meeting.

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” - Martin Luther King Jr., A Knock at Midnight