Eureka Town Coucil
June 14th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

:05 Pledge

:45 Agenda

Any Public comment? No

:59 Vote to approve minutes- passed

1:16 Motion to [ay the bills-passed

1:33 Waste Water Project 1B- Sandry was headed to look at roads. Toby took pics. 2 TIN numbers they're tracking down for contractors. Trying to close it out by the end of June. Almost done

3:17 Appointment to Council position. 2 letters of interest. Rosalee served 8 years and would step in for the 6 mo if necessary. Jim was in attendance and gave his background and resume.

6:53 Discussed how to make the appointment. Never had more than one applicant before.

8:12 Board- similar background to Jim. Warning to Jim about culture shock. How well do you adapt to that kind of change

9:00 Jim- Revenue resources are limited, but there are needs. Maybe grants or public cooperation?

10:00 Motion to appoint Jim- passed

10:41 Veteran's Day celebration- we have an insurance certificate. Motion to approve- passed

11:28 Budget Amendment- We didn't know about gas tax last year. Rather than overstating revenue, we got the same amount. Increase in fire relief agency fund. We get the money from the state then write a check to the fire dept. Approval passed.

13:14 Increase to pay matrix- state cost of living increase. Rates discussed. This is for the new budget. 1.2%, but they're still working on the numbers.

Board- when I saw that matrix. The correspondence commending our officers. A copy of that letter should go in each officer's file. I've met most of our public servants. Eureka is blessed. Any one of them could go to Kalispell and work for Applebees and make a heck of a lot more money than we can afford to pay.

16:25 Motion to adopt the resolution, passed

16:51 American Relief Plan- They've been dribbling info to us. Treasury gave money to the state. The state gave us 8 days to apply. Lucky it hit in time for us to vote on it. There's a list of what each town gets. Great Falls is getting $20 million. We're getting under $1,000 total. We have to submit an application by Wednesday to receive half of it. $179, $573.84. We were down $11,000 due to covid. Investments in water, sewer, & broadband. July 15 is the cutoff for projects. My first thought was an emergency generator for the water plant. We have a few AC pipes in the ground. Asbestos Concrete. We figured we'd put that one down. We also thought about replacing water meters. They're 20 years old in town.

21:40 Board- I don't think it will cover meters, not covid related. Asbestos has a tremendous impact, as does the water plant.

Board- the impact of covid would affect residents' ability to replace the meters themselves.

Board- I think we can justify road and street improvements. 6th street, Behind VFW,

Board, they fixed behind VFW, and now it's as bad as it was.

Board- application isn't put together yet and set criteria of what they will accept and what they won't. They know it won't be fleshed out projects because of the short notice. We can bank the money and set it aside to match the town contribution on the other half.

Motion- passed

26:54 Business stabilization grant. I sent in the paperwork, and it was more than the amount they gave. I had to send in the paperwork with the exact money amounts. Free money isn't free.

Board- this was 22 pages long, and I was getting new aspects every day.

29:08- Dispatch Board- Eureka has 2 appointees, and the county has 3. Donna Lowry's term is expiring. She wants to serve on the Board again. Motion to reappoint- passed

30:15 Council Comments- (Hard to hear)

31:03 Roads: I have a preliminary plan. We have to tweak it down to get that number. We have not chipped and sealed for 3 years. Either we spend it on 6TH Street or pay for it ourselves, and I don't know that we can. In the long run, we could asphalt, but that's expensive.

32:30 Board- I've been following the legalization of marijuana. In the legislation, municipalities can levy 3% sales of tax on recreational MJ. We would charge it and collect it. That money goes directly to the town. I think we're remiss if we don't do that as soon as the applications for licenses go in. We've got to do something to raise revenue.

Board- we do have the ordinance for medicinal MJ. We don't have to allow recreational use.

Board- I went through this in Alaska. They barred recreational use. Death threats. That resolution was overturned. 86% of the population wanted it. Hindsight being 20/20, dry communities are a farce. In the communities that didn't license sales, drug use increased geometrically. Where it was legalized, it stabilized or even decreased.

Board- my understanding was it is being pushed out to July. They have to invent a department to deal with this.

Board- Now they're looking at October.

Board- I agree with the tax.

Board- we need to have the plan in place, so we just have to pull the trigger.

Board- we need to wait till the state finalizes.

Board- we need to have the concept in place so we can act promptly.

(Hard to hear)

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” - Martin Luther King Jr.