Eureka Town Coucil
April 12th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

Town meeting was held. Not all the meeting was captured, but the report for what was captured is listed below. Topics included: Police Chief Appointment, Multi- County Drug Task Force, Marijuana Dispensary request, Road Work request, And the assault on the librarian over mask requirement.

0:01- Police Chief Appointment- Used police commission when interviewing 2 candidates. Steve Iker suggested for Police Chief by Chair. His background is very impressive. Lucky to have him.

Board Member- Other applicant had outstanding background. Younger. Hope he stays for the next 15 years but between the 2, Steve is most qualified. Looking for grants and outside funding for the police. Shows initiative.

Unanimous Vote for Steve

2:50- The County wants them to sign drug task MOU. Didn’t have Eureka and didn’t sign until Eureka was added to the agreement. The task force is allowed to come into Eureka to follow leads. No financial commitments from Eureka. Our police help when needed or initiate the call that will start investigation-

Unanimous Ratification

5:31- Proposal from prospective business owner- Only one medical marijuana dispensary allowed in area under current population restrictions. Wants to open dispensary in town and have those restrictions changed. It is legal in Montana and she is looking for conditional use permit.

7:15- Board member- I can’t in good conscience justify changing ordinance. Damage would result for the business already in existence. Added traffic to residential streets if it’s run out of your home. If you get a commercial location, I might change my mind, but not in residential.

9:30- Business Owner- I’m looking at a commercial space or possibly delivery only. Anyone over 21 is able to use, possess, and grow their own. I can provide a regulated and non-psychedelic source of pot and products. It’s also a taxable resource for Eureka.

10:57- Board Member- We can’t talk about taxes till state guidelines come out.

13:00- Chair- Do we want to start the process to involve attorney and decide on town guidelines?

13:30 – Board Member- Waiting till state guidelines come out makes sense. I’m hoping state doesn’t let big pharma come in and dominate the market. We want local people and local money. Motion to deny until state guidelines come in.

18:00- Board Member- discussed financial requirements about cash on hand to prevent crime and where pot stores can bank.

21:01- Unanimous Decision- Discussion Tabled till guidelines come out.

21:21- Potholes behind VFW and nearby businesses an embarrassment. Need to talk about rain drainage, which would go into businesses once the road is finished. Talked about gravel to fill the holes but drivers go too fast, and it’s soon pushed out of the holes.

23:51 Discussion regarding Librarian’s report of an assault and trespassing. Sign says mask required and people pitched a fit. Librarian had bruises. We can’t be having this in our town. It’s a business and they can refuse service to anyone.

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” - Martin Luther King Jr., A Knock at Midnight