Eureka Town Coucil
March 8th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

On March 08, 2021, the Town of Eureka, Montana held a Council public meeting. The meeting lasted for twenty-four minutes with few items of new business introduced. No public comments were made and the meeting adjourned with assurances that work sessions would be scheduled to discus several of the topics at a future date. For meeting minutes and specifics on the meeting, please continue reading.

:20 Pledge of Allegiance

1:06 Motion to approve the previous meeting’s minutes- approved

1:19 Motion to pay the bills- approved

Old Business

1:40 Water Phase 1P. We had a Federal audit and came up clean. The council talked about keeping a loan open in case repairs are needed that weren’t covered. Tracy has what she needs to close out projects with funding agencies. The Corp of Engineers were informed about the town’s overall wastewater situation, fixing intersections, a survey, etc.

4:53 The application completed for a Resolution signed last month is bringing $90,000. We could get construction started this summer.

New Business

5:25 Sale of a truck that’s been sitting for 4 years with expensive repairs needed was proposed. Someone bid $500. - Approved

Council Comments

9:01 We need work sessions schedules on sidearms, vagrancy, and loitering, wasting disease (which got sidelined because of covid), an upcoming event at the park (but the person responsible for the event didn’t make tonight’s meeting so it’s sidelined till next time), and sign ordinance.

12:20 One member suggested they talk to the city attorney and require permits for use of public facilities with appropriate insurance requirements to protect town during events.

13:50- The Council reviewed the special event documentation, which is outdated due to listed covid restrictions that no longer apply now that mandate is lifted. The event in question just filled out the wrong form.

15:21 Discussed best times and days to schedule those work sessions. Not everyone had their schedule, it will be scheduled soon.

17:15 Ian put in his retirement. An ad will run in the paper.

17:35 The Police Commission is out of date. The stated purpose is to advise Council for disciplinary action and hiring recommendations. The Commission is comprised of 3 Citizens. One member is currently police. The Council wants to make sure the percentage of police presence on the Council does not exceed that number to prevent partiality. Citizens can apply for the position which has 3 Year terms with annual rotating start dates.

21:19 A Eureka citizen needs to know where the sewer is. Maps are missing. Maps are out of date. Some houses are hooked up. Some are on septic. Citizen wants to put in new lines but needs to know where. A member of the Council will get more information.

24:37 Meeting end.

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