Eureka Town Coucil
February 8th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

The Town of Eureka Council Public Meeting 2011-01-11 was held Monday, February 8. The Town Council, Lincoln Electric, and members of the community were in attendance.

The night opened with a brief recap of business discussed at previous meetings, the details of which are as follows:

· Little new information was introduced on Wastewater Phase 1 B, public parks, and repaving roads.

· Regarding damaged stop signs found around town, they’re waiting to hear back from the police department. All changes to and placement of stop signs need to be done by ordinance. There are 50 signs that need repair or replacements. The Police Department is looking at the ordinance. Approved repairs will be done in the Spring. Each replaced sign costs $45. Randy attempted to clean graffiti off existing stop signs, but it removes the reflective surface and leaves them white.

· A subdivision approval is being requested. The Council discussed a multiple facility exclusion agreement, but storm drainage has not been reviewed by the town engineer. If this is something they decide to take on, they need to discuss the fees this may cost. Tracy is finishing the required documentation. If the agencies involved do not make any changes, that item can be closed after the audit. The audit takes 7-10 days. For more information on the Sanitation and Subdivision Act, visit the Lincoln County Montana Environmental Health Page at: Environmental Health Subdivision Review - Lincoln County Montana (

Environmental Health Subdivision Review - Lincoln County Montana

Once all old business had been reviewed, the following new business was introduced as items on the official agenda:

· Lincoln Electric representative Melissa Brandon proposed another outdoor drive-up meeting like the one held at the fairgrounds last year. However, they are worried about tearing up the grass at the fairgrounds due to the weather this time of year. The company is looking at holding the meeting at the high school, elementary school, and Baptist church parking lots. Lincoln Electric customers would then have access to the meeting by radio broadcast. They sought the required guidelines to stay in compliance with town codes and proposed closing a couple streets for the event. The approximated time the streets would be closed is 2 hours with congested traffic expected directly after the event. Meeting registration begins at 8 and the meeting itself starts at 9. Concerns were raised by the Council about the possible disruption to businesses on the effected streets. The meeting was approved, though they will be reviewing traffic patterns and how the individual businesses will be effected with special attention paid to the businesses hours of operation.

· It was discovered the judge is the only signer on the court bank account. A vote assigned both the Mayor and Town Clerk to that bank account, so the town has access to those funds if anything happens.

· This is the fourth of five years when Resolution 2021-785 was voted on and passed, giving the town access to gas tax money. The $37k is slated for use on road and drainage repairs, requiring the town match $1 for every $20 of the resolution money that is spent.

The following non-agenda items were introduced by Councilmembers:

· In the last general election, Montanans voted to legalize recreational consumption of marijuana. According to one councilmember, every community that has legalized marijuana has had the option of adding sales tax to the retail sales of the drug, even in states where they did not have sales tax on other items, like Alaska. It was suggested that the town keep track of other communities dealing with these issues and lobby for this potential source of community revenue. It was also suggested that such funds should be used to hire one more cop and improve road maintenance and repair. This topic has not been brought up by League of Cities and Towns as of this meeting.

· The Mayor stated that according to the county website, there were 4 active cases out of 59 of COVID-19 in Lincoln County. The Governor of Montana released an Emergency Declaration in June that would provide funds for critical operations disrupted by the disease. For example: if all public water employees got sick, the Mayor could find certified water workers from other parts of the state to manage water and sewer. However, the Mayor believes we are past the point where that might be an issue, so she planned on rescinding the emergency declaration after the meeting. Objection was made by another councilmember because this issue was not an agenda item. Therefore, the general public was not aware that such an action was being considered. He felt the public should have an opportunity to weigh in. The Mayor answered that according to the code, it is an administrative function.

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