Eureka School Board
October 11th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

1:00 Public Comment- they all passed

1:50 General Board Comment

- Discussed handout re: committees, policy, who is taking lead, attendance. Add backups in case someone can’t attend.

7:51 Board Comment- Front Office provides a list of materials for parents to preview. It is a living document that will be adjusted as new materials are added.

- Short clips aren’t pre-approved. It would be impossible to approve every 3-6 min YouTube clip used by teachers to illustrate a point.

- Board Faculty visits to classrooms

Communications- no comments

16:23 Facility Committee- Met with the architect. Keeping middle school together. Want the architect to come in for a board meeting to show the plan.

20:00 Talked numbers on the plan

22:50 Start earlier on the next meeting? Discussed meeting times

26:04 Policy Review Committee- meeting once per month. Discussion about adding things to agenda.

30:09 currently working on policies related to legal issues. It’s a huge document. 2 Fridays before the school board meeting.

32:38 Agenda

- Bus Driver

- Recommendation for custodian

- Vote- unanimous

35:00 Sports Coach Hires- motion passed unanimously

37:10 Bus Bids- Discussed recommendation and hiring process and access to interview information.

Vote on route busses- unanimous

42:39 parents without bus availability can get reimbursed for travel based on the math formula. vote- unanimous

48:02 Athletic report- information packet given to the board.

48:30 Out of state field trips approval- discussed who is going where, chaperones. Questions about one of the possible trips. Half of the board voted to approve. Request to table the vote till next time. Discussion of the voting procedure. Questions about chaperones. Suggest approving middle school and table high school trips pending further discussion. Disagreement. Vote- 3 for, 3 against.

1:01:00 Motion to approve every trip but National Honor Society and table that one for further discussion. Unanimous.

1:01:30 Mentioned another possible trip that’s coming up. Discussion on how the board approves trips.

1:03:42- Superintendent retiring, search for replacement. 2 Entities suggested to research new superintendent. Vote in November.

1:05:38 Public Comment- Interest in the community. Would like the school board to research rather than outsource the search. We’d like the people we voted in to be part of the process.

1:07:48 Public Comment- Agree school board should be involved rather than just voting on 3 that are handed to them.

1:09:15- Thank you to Superintendent for the 15-year service

1:09:55 Board Comment- if the school board did the footwork, what would that look like? How the suggested groups would proceed. Competition, advertising,

1:18:12 Policy committee recommending adopt updates from school board assoc. Can make changes later. Discussion. Vote- unanimous

1:21:58 COVID – better attendance than other years. In the process of applying for COVID money for buildings. Working on that.

1:23:23 General Public Comment- There are always strings attached to money from the government. Please make sure you know the strings before you commit.

1:24:13 Admin Report- Count Day, we’ve recovered from a deficit in child attendance. Discussed specifics. Heat in schools. Discussed condition of buildings. Reviewed 2019 report on buildings. Heating cooling, roof, plumbing, electrical. Snow load issues, damage from earthquake 14 years ago. Difference between homeschool and remote learning.

1:34:00 What is the relationship between Chrysalis and the District? Mostly what we do is record keeping, science equipment, etc. A graduate from Chrysalis has a diploma from our High School. School numbers include Chrysalis.

1:36:50- Questions about the report and follow-up.

1:38:07- Chrysalis isn’t a charter. Benefit from the state, students have a real diploma, our district does record keeping.

Nov 8 is the next meeting. Time TBD.

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