Eureka School Board
June 14th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham


:39 2 agenda items for special board meeting, rules.

1:31 Tech failing on public meetings for virtual attendance. Looking for a solution.

Board- vaccines have been available for a while. We should quit doing meetings on the phone. Otherwise, correspondence or in-person meetings.

Board- we need to make it more widely available with more microphones.

5:45 Tech Coordinator- suggested possible fixes. I can test it next week.

8:40 Let’s work on agenda item 2 and come back to tech so we can play with it.

9:12 Review Title 9 Policy. We need to decide if we need a new coordinator, separate high school and Jr. High. Fact Finder, etc. This is better handled with Counsel on a case-by-case basis. Coordinator, fact finder, decision-maker, appealer. Who works in what role.

11:50 Informal resolution facilitator discussed as an option. Section pointed out, and they took time to read it.

13:27 The two parties can come to a resolution on their own?

14:29 School representative would then assist. If you pin down job titles, it affects who does what job, even if circumstances make another person the best to investigate.

16:01 Are there more titles?

16:25 Title 1 is a step above special ed. Kids that need help without a plan.

17:00 Three people had training in Title 9. Considered other duties as assigned. Outside parties would be paid. Employees would be paid the normal amount.

Qualifications for fact finder explained.

21:58 Should we assign people now?

Board- the complaint should determine the appropriate people to deal with the situation.

Board- if calling in an outside person, talk to Counsel, and they have to have the training. The training was approximately 6 hours.

25:30 You don’t have to have a license to be the decision-maker

27:22 Public Comment

Public- none

28:43- Title 9 coordinator suggestions. Suggest everyone is trained for more flexibility to deal with the situation.

32:00 training covers all positions. If an incident happens, we can call a special board meeting to make assignments at that point.

33:39 Appeal- board decides if they will hear the appeal or call in a 3rd party.

35:03 Appeal process discussed

37:20 All administrators will be trained.

If someone wants to make a public complaint, the complaint form goes to the building administrator.

39:08 Can decide on primary, but any conflict of interest would change the assignment to the next person in line.

42:55 would it be less stressful if the board decides who gets assigned to what?

Board- some things are time-sensitive. If we have something set up, we can act rather than waiting for a special meeting.

Public- I’d be reluctant to recommend that the board not be the final voice. Appeals become subject to politics and friendships, etc. The community elected you folks. I’d hate to see those decisions farmed out for expedience. Ultimately, the decision should be yours to make. You represent the community. The community runs the school through you.

Board- we hired these people. We trust them and feel confident when they say they can do it and recuse themselves if there’s a conflict.

Board- Small town. Board members can be biased.

Board- you are the elected officials

Board- Title 9 process explained. Board handles things at the appeals stage.

50:44 It’s not a popularity thing. If the Board can’t be impartial, we can call in a 3rd party.

51:20 This back and forth with the public should stop. The public can speak during the public comment portion.

53:11 Official language discussed.

55:21 Sexual Harassment isn’t the whole of Title 9. It’s just a part.

57:00 discussing merits of selecting a specific person and what jobs that person can and cannot do

58:00 This is a working document so that we can make changes as needed.

1:01:01 Isn’t the training changing. Should we train in August or September? We shouldn’t pay for it now and then have to do it again in just a couple of months.

Training is every year.

1:02:34 Motion particulars discussed. Some confusion on how to word it.

1:03:03 Motion to accept Title 9 procedures as outlined by document and name administrators as coordinators.

1:05:27 Motion made- passed unanimously

1:06:13 Working on technology issues so they can see if they can get the microphones to work better.

1:10:44 What about the people who call in but don’t ID themselves?

1:11:47 Maybe a program like Zoom where everyone has to sign in?

Board- I think we should get rid of the call-in system. If people want to talk to us; they should come in.

Board- Public comment platform is important, but this isn’t working.

Board- this was a COVID thing.

Board- agenda is out there. If people want to comment they can come in.

Board- and meetings are being recorded. They can watch later.

1:14:35 Motion to discontinue phone meeting option

Board Comment-

1:15:44 I like that the public has options

Public Comment-

1:15:40 Public- People having options is a great thing.

Board- we can also revisit it, but what we have now isn’t working.

1:16:49 vote passed 3 to 2


“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.” - Bob Marley