Eureka School Board
March 15th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

:21 Pledge

:43 General Public Comments

Public- There's a difficulty for public attempting to contact the school board, remote attendees were unable to attend because of the technical system. She emailed re: mask mandate and no one responded. Recounted message to the newspaper, her objection to the mask mandate being passed when the majority of people objected. Superintendent made recommendation and did not listen to objections, even though objections were also backed by science. The ER meeting wasn't called to discuss facts. It was called to publicly inform the board about the contract with MOU, and despite public opinion, the board was powerless to alter the mandate with that agreement in place.

5:24 Public - My conclusion based on research on the internet is that the mask is useless.

6:02 Public- Questions have come up from the community about the memorandum of agreement- the agreement wasn't made between the community and the school board but the school board and the teacher's union. It's nonbinding on families and students. They were not signatories or party to negotiations. We would like a legal opinion from the board. Does school board have an attorney to advise them like union has to be on equal footing with the union in negotiations?

9:30 Board Comments

Public- Newspaper shows a meeting without masks. They're sending mixed signals. You were terrified till 50 teachers got vaccinated. I'm confused.

11:36- Public - The board members were denied access to the union meeting.

Board- teachers union is not subject to open meeting laws. They're a private organization. Board is considered private individuals when not acting as a group and union meeting is inappropriate for board members. Board members can't act as individuals.

16:08 Agenda

- Tabling item F- Waiting on covid update of policy 1905 till after teacher's union meets.

Board- vote not effective due to MOA until after union meeting.

17:30 - Do we know what school union will address? Super asked they discuss 2 things.

- Will there be a process for modifications?

- Will there be a change to mask mandate after teachers are inoculated?

18:26 - Motion to consent to agenda

Board- emails were part of board packet, but they don't represent all of the comments. They were well spoken, but don't have their sources.

Board- Binders of all memorandums and minutes and comments are kept for board members to review if needed.

Board- Recommend that everyone who makes a comment at the meeting also submit information in a letter so comments are had in their entirety.

23:52 Do we want more requirements for the minutes? We used to record meetings and put them in the minutes, but lawyers said not to. Board members can have access to the binders.

25:50 District Personnel report- we've had a turnover of kitchen staff, looking to hire Shawna Carvey- motion passed.

27:13 Regarding the payout vacation time- We have staff members not covered by collective bargaining. This year, can we use covid money to pay off vacation time for those who don't have the bargaining to provide for them? We had far less summer vacation time this year due to covid.

29:44 Motion to approve unpaid volunteer golf coach- approved

31:05 Motion to approve out of state trip for Honor's society. Vote required for out of state over-night travel.- approved

32:22 Motion to hire all tenure teachers (4 consecutive annual contracts without cause to fire). Discussed nepotism laws and how tenure works. Approving all listed contracts for another year. - approved

37:06 Resolution senate bill 307, 2019 legislature. Money is levied and goes into building reserve, like dealing with the roof. SP307- In Aug we set the budget. If boiler, roof, or cinderblock need repair, levied money from that tax would be used to make those repairs. The budget is the most confusing thing. We're not raising taxes, but this allows us to keep the taxes at the same level as the last two years. - motion passed, but not unanimous

42:00- SP27 - passed

42:46 Item E Biomass- Super asking permission to open bid to multiple companies. Last bid had a 3 year contract. It's up. This will allow them to advertise and then they will bring back bids to vote- passed

44:31- Motion to pursue a possible security camera project- Safety money. We have to spend some of the money this year and looking to update security equipment. Possible cost around $40,000. We have the money specifically set aside for safety. We have to spend it by July 4. Still getting bids. All three companies recommended hard wire cameras. Motion asking for motion to keep pursuing project.- passed

49:45: Administrative report

- Next month we're losing tech coordinator who is moving. Looking to do part remote with him and part on site with new hire.

- Max coming to meeting in next week or two regarding building. A facilities committee meeting will be scheduled.

- Board Visitation Day fell away due to lack of interest, but with new board members, he'd like to renew that practice so board knows what's going on in schools.

54:00 Board- Want to do a teacher appreciation May 7, possibly with vaccinations and doing it outdoors they can do a barbecue.

57:00 COVID Update - Half of teachers have had shot 1, the rest are scheduled for Thursday. Depending on which shot they get it will determine when the second dose happens.

- Mid-season superintendent evaluation. Want to schedule it for next month, adding half an hour to board meeting. That part of meeting will be closed to public. They wanted all board members to come.

1:00:00 Community Information For Non-Agenda Item

Public- We are hosting community forum Apr 20 for board members so public can meet you. time:6-630, we will let you know.

- County putting on parliamentary procedure meeting for new board members. Apr- May,

- Negotiation meetings are subject to open meeting law.

1:03:00 next meeting scheduled for apr 12

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