Lincoln County Board of Health
April 13th, 2021 Public Meeting
By Sally Durham

:12 Pledge

:57 Roll Call- intro of new city rep on the Board of Health

2:12 Public Comment on non-action items

Public- none

4:16- Non-Agenda comments

Public- none

4:51 Approval of minutes for 2 meetings. 2 public comments were submitted and attached.

Board- Letter submitted. If anyone researches allegations on submitted letter, they’ll find most of the allegations are false.

Motion to accept minutes- passed

8:15 Mission statements- operating procedure #2.

Board- Verbal proof reading of the document. Under verbal comments- I thought we could take out the word “just”. There was talk about when public comments would be taken. Bullet point 4 should maybe go before point 3. Or combine them. Stating name for the record, take out “audible tone of voice”. All remarks to board as a body and not as an individual. 2nd page under written comments, by any member of the public “In accordance”. Requests made in writing 7 days prior. Is there a time frame in which submitter can expect a response? Notification will be received prior to posting of agenda.

16:55 motion to accept the language changes and accept operating procedure #2- passed

19:03 New Business

Committees- March work meeting came up with op procedure 2. We also discussed wording for a mission statement. Wed May 12, 2PM. someone is coming who can help us fine tune. Would like to have a work meeting. Would like to form committees for each topic, but for the moment, the whole board meets on each. Discussed scheduling. 6PM. Limit to 2 hours. No decisions made at work meetings. It will be held in lieu of May’s meeting.

27:32 Program reports

June schedule for roles and responsibilities training. June 8 possible date.

28:43 No community update

Covid Update- 28 active cases. Vaccine clinics Wed - Fri. They aren’t filling up all the way. They are open to everyone. The 16-18 age group is also allowed.

Board- Are we addressing the hesitant vaccinators?

Board- Media outreach in place and all providers in town are talking with their patients. Covid hotline. We get a lot of calls. Colleges and universities are looking at making the vaccine a requirement to be in the classroom. Health fair on June 12. We should have a booth and be willing to talk to people.

35:00 Communicable response plan checklist- Emergency Preparedness coordinator- recording and transport protocols. Board members requested copy of plan and checklist. Motion to accept checklist- Not all board members received a copy. Copy sent out. – passed with 3 aye’s. Still going to work on this.

39:06 Panoramic View complaints- neighborhood complaints because of dust raised by traffic. Dr. Black requested a plan addressing issue. 2019 abatement order issued. 30 days for response. No resolution. District court rejected it because board of health did not have appeals procedure in place. Board of health included new procedure Dec 2019. Property Lots have sold, no longer owned by the development company responsible. Owners are required to create HOA. In charge of own road maintenance. If not resolved before dry season when dust becomes a problem again, the board of health may need to reissue abatement order.

Public Comment-

43:31 Now that the lots have sold, do we have to start over and contact all new residents?

Board- We hope to avoid abatement process because it’s so slow.

Public- what is the process with an HOA?

Board- HOA governed by CCNR’s but there might be requirement from county.

Board- HOA run by homeowners. Not certain if neighboring subdivisions can enforce CCNR’s of a different HOA. Fastest course is civil action between homeowners.

Public- Did we waste 2 years going through the health board? Does the letter have to come from the county attorney? Did I misunderstand?

49:59- only action board can take is abatement.

Public- seems like we’re starting at ground zero again. Disappointed we got so far and then have to start over.

Board- civil action has always been an option.

Public- Has road been tested for asbestos?

Board- We will find out and make that information available.

53:22 Chair- can we give history for new board members

They did oil it last year.

Public- we eat their dust all year long. It’s 11 years later. We pay taxes too. We’ve been there since the 80’s and we can’t open windows or sit outside. Husband is on oxygen. You have to call in to burn, but can’t do anything about this? It’s like you can’t touch these people. The owners put it off till they sold the lots to the homeowners, now they’re out of it.

57:20 Public- here since 1990, this started because county allowed a subdivision. 2 mile road parallels existing neighborhood. That’s when dust started. Developers had gravel pit. Most of the board is probably new. My husband and I, to protect our property, purchased a plot with 2 other families to protect our property. We’re part of white pine subdivision. It seems strange that we could end up responsible for a road we don’t use.

1:01:45 public- next meeting June? Yes.

1:02:36 Public- if they chip seal, we won’t have to keep coming back here to meetings

Public- county should adopt that road. I know it wasn’t the current commissioner’s fault, but they let all of this go. They gave the developers money for something they never put in. The county let them do it.

Board- Does abatement order come from board or Dr. Black?

Board- Board instructed Dr. Black to issue it.

Public- a lot of times you can’t see my car across the driveway because it’s so dusty.

Board- Can’t abate something till the dust starts. Only then can board do the order.

1:06:52 George- re: asbestos. In my role with ARP. I can work on data. I’m almost positive we offered to do sampling and testing. I’m willing to collaborate and work our way through it.

1:09:09 Solid Waste and Recycling Update- 2020 landfill in Libby saw increase of traffic. Survey showed 30% increase from 2019. Estimated life of landfill went down from 11 years to 9 years. Always working to increase lifespan. Talked about recycling numbers.

Board- people contact me through evergreen disposal. Price for dumpsters went up. How do I justify that? Can someone else come in to compete?

Board- competition has to be licensed.

Board- a lot of people decided not to have garbage picked up at their own places because of the price increase which increases traffic to the dump site.

Board- check public service commission. They regulate monopolies.

1:14:29- Asbestos Research Program- ARP listed stats for responses to requests. 1 ongoing abatement in Libby. Second abatement planned. 1 potential investigation.

1:18:10- Lot of activity on properties. Libby superfund committee met 1 month ago. Budget reports. We have new director for DEQ.

1:20:46 George- Procedure dealt with liasson positions. Work and activity diminished a lot. Procedure needs to be rewritten. I can help with drafting. I’ll send in suggestions.

1:24:22 City reports- nothing

1:25:05- Dr. Black report- not on zoom meeting


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