Nabo ["hub" (Esperanto)] + Nexus ["connecting point or place" (Greek)]

NaboNexus is a citizen-driven community development network of local residents committed to establishing healthy, prosperous, self-determined, and genuinely caring communities. We believe such communities do not "just happen," but are developed intentionally and strategically when community residents share common values and work together toward agreed upon goals and objectives. NaboNexus was created by a core group of local residents who believe that optimal communities are built upon and sustained by the following cultural pillars: 1 - divine law and order; 2 - extensive personal freedoms and corresponding responsibilities; 3 - truth and justice; 4 - traditional American values; 5 - genuine love and concern for neighbors; 6 - a robust economy with innovative, entrepreneurial business cultures; 7 - informed community citizens with vibrant exchange of information and ideas; 8 - truthful and inspiring media.

To advance the intentional community objectives outlined above, NaboNexus will soon be creating a website to serve as a digital hub and portal, operating as a strategic community asset in the development of North Lincoln County. The website will consist of the following sections and pages with specific focus on fundamental pillars of societal and community development: 1 - Health Section with focus on all aspects of personal health including body, soul, and spirit; 2 - Education Section addressing current and important social and legal matters of community concern and impact, and topics relating to the general education of community members; 3 - Business Section highlighting entrepreneurial culture, business opportunities, and strategic business development; 4 - Relationship Section reinforcing healthy family cultures and personal relationships; 5 - Neighbors Helping Neighbors Section providing a platform and forum for extensive community service and charitable endeavors; 6 - Identity Section clarifying and establishing our unique community identity through highlighting historical knowledge, persons and stories; reinforcing founding American principles and values; and featuring articles and interviews that identify and honor exemplary community members; 7 - Inspiration Section with a wide array of inspiring articles, poems, stories, artwork and images that stimulate hope, creativity, personal development and societal contribution; 8 - Events and Activities Section highlighting upcoming community events, NaboNexus seminars and meetings, and other important community activities.

NaboNexus will promote community meetings and seminars that focus on major aspects of community development, and will also host various events that encourage community spirit and interaction. We will invite key cultural and political leaders to speak to residents at community gatherings, and will serve as a cultural liaison and community advocacy group for matters of interest and concern to community members. We will coordinate efforts with all elected officials, state and county commissions and board members, community clubs and organizations, schools, businesses, and non-profit entities to advance our stated community objectives. We will interact with all residents (regardless of whether or not they share our particular values, beliefs and convictions) to strive to develop a truly unique and model rural Montana community. Lastly, we will share our insights, successes, failures, and creative community development strategies with all other interested communities and organizations that are seeking to achieve similar outcomes, which will serve as an extension of our desire to inspire many others to make healthy intentional community a primary goal of their social interactions.

If you are interested in learning more about NaboNexus, please contact us at info@nabonexus.org.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi